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A. Scott and Jeanette Johnson are divers/photographers--who have lived on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands for over 20 years--and have done spectacular documentation of coral reef denizens in the traopical Pacific.  They are meticulous about documentation of names, locations, habitat and observations. They specialize in nudibranchs. Scott has also been documenting the progress of coral bleaching and the erosion of atolls due to oceans rising. Have a look at their website to see photos and video. They are a wonderful resource. Though they do not interact with the public, they are generous with their materials. 
Scott has a terrific Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Scott.Johnson.Kwaj/photos_albums

B. Also, "Reef Teach" is a company based in Cairns, AU that is totally owned, managed and operated by Paddy Colwell, a Marine Biologist and dive instructor. He gives marine biology courses to folks going for dives on the Barrier Reef and has always been a campaigner to preserve the mrine environment. His site has great links to ocean science articles and research.

This is an article on coral spawning:http://www.reefteach.com.au/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Reef-Teach-Times-13-Sept-2011-Coral-Spawning.pdf

C. Here's a really cool Facebook page: Underwater Macro Photographers, which lists its member photographers.https://www.facebook.com/groups/underwatermacrophotographers/members/

My specialty is littoral biology media, exploring life between the tides. Have done several videos on the 'zone' in the Pacific Northwest and have lots of footage of critters and kids discovering and observing. Have worked with the Vancouver Aquarium (Canada) and with Shawn Rowe at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon.
Hope this helps, Kate
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We are involved in a project to create more ocean literacy learning opportunities with the sport of diving and the diving operators and professionals. I wondered who on this ocean literacy list is connecting diving and ocean literacy specifically and could give some examples. ThanksPeter       Peter D. TuddenhamExecutive Director and PresidentCollege of Exploration peter at coexploration.netwww.coexploration.orgtwitter: http://www.twitter.com/coexploration phone :         703 433 5760cell/mobile: 703 625 1136skype:            petertuddvideo meeting room: https://bluejeans.com/128371287 230 Markwood DrivePotomac Falls, VA 20165 USA 
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